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  • . Jung Min Choi
    Jung Min Choi is a Korean artist, born in Seoul in 1973.
    Doctor in Plastic Arts, University of Paris VIII, Sorbonne.
    He settled down in France in 1999. In 2001,
    he began his thesis at the Sorbonne, Paris, about stylistic persistence in art history. These
    writings and his work as a correspondent for two Korean newspapers not only mark out and
    guide his personal creations in recovery and appropriation of news feed, but also revisit
    the perpetual patterns in art history.
    He had a solo show at Art Paris Art Fair in 2014, where the "Great Days" 2013,
    365 drawings were shown, along with major sculptures and paintings.
  • . Matthieu Exposito

    Matthieu Exposito, born in 1981 in the Paris area, lives and works

    in Nancy.
    Primarily a drawer, he captures and sketches scenes of life with
    felt-tip marker and Posca in the series “urban legends” and “over a drink”. Asa deeply
    committed artist, he makes performances thanks to his character named “Expopaix”, which
    allows him to praise the virtues of primitivism and criticize today’s society, where the rules are
    individualism and unbridled progress, regardless of mankind.
  • . David Gouny

    David Gouny is a french artist, he leaves and work in the suburb of Paris.
  • . Fulati Tayierjiang
    Born in 1977 to Xinjiang, China, Fulati Tayierjiang lives and works in Paris today.
    57th Salon of Montrouge.
    His work explores the idea of the integration of an individual in the society and looks for
    a relation between him and things, between its body and the landscapes. His approach
    associates painting and photography: originally a simple paint on cliché. 
    From 2006, he begins a series of photos of his painted hand, as continuation or
    misappropriation of the landscape. The hand is the central element, the representative
    himself and his being, telling its story. The lines of the hand are in the landscape, they
    establish themselves there and confront with it, as the slow process of integration of
    an individual in a new culture.
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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items