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Turak - En cyclo-pédie à travers la Turakie : A vélo ou à pied, des origines à cArMen



  • Stapled: 255 pages
  • Editor : Fage Editions (november 5th, 2015)
  • Collection : HORS COLL
  • Language : French
  • ISBN-10: 284975398X
  • ISBN-13: 978-2849753989
  • Dimensions : 25 x 2 x 17,5 cm

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For 30 years, Turak Théâtre shares its magic humanity of cloth and cardboard, during representations, exhibitions and workshops almost everywhere in the world. Sophisticated and tinkered, ingenious and poetic, their shows knew how to impose a universe on part, between the puppet, the music and the plastic exploration.

We shall turn over a page of 2015, year of the 30th birthday of Turak, with the creation of A cArMen in Turakie. En cyclo pédie on foot or in bike dig up generously all the faces, hidden or revealed, of this fabulous and poetic adventure that is the emergence of Turakie, country to vertical and variable geography, with to the self-assurance a state of the world was chosen by the fate and the whole coiled in the imagination of the spectator.

If some proverbs come to us directly from Turakie as: " in Turakie, a cow standing, it is an auk who laughs at the world " or still : "In Turakie, every day which passes is a cardboard piece which waves ", Michel Laubu and Emili Hufnagel, project managers of this absurd or surrealist visual theater fed by diverted objects, by old or imaginary mythologies, and by languages in the multiple accents are also virtuoso authors who mix empirical knowledges or sharper knowledge with a playful writing.

Something generous and jubilant comes from Turakie and the border between the country where evolve the strange puppets and that of the spectators does not exist any more.

Laurence Loutre-Barbier, Fage éditions

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