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  • . Joachim Biehler
    Joachim Biehler was born in 1981 in Strasbourg. He lives and works in Metz.
    He received the National Superior Diploma of Expression of Plastic Arts (DNSEP)
    of the Superior School of Art of Perpignan.
    57th Salon of Montrouge.
    Familiar with the contemporary art milieu, he knows any of its subtleties or references, and enjoys
    twisting them with humor. Most of his works play an attraction-repulsion game. In the “like project”,
    one of his first series, Joachim substituted his face from contemporary art icons’ ones, such as ORLAN
    or Jeff Koons. The photomontage, a bit disturbing, makes us smile and wonder about the young
    generation’s place in this well-organized star-system.
    “Big sugar vanity” is also based on an ambivalent process: candies appeal and disgust us at the
    same time, placing us in direct confrontation with the vanity symbol. As a consequence, we connect
    sugar with our annihilating, blinded, consuming, warrior society.
    This work rests on a system of paradoxes. Through candies, Joachim captures a part of our senses: sight,
    sense of smell, taste. Our emotions are torn by the artist’s use of a material which deeply reminds us of
    childhood and feelings of immediate affection. Vanity reveals itself as a metaphor of today’s society, where
    the human being, often unconscious, sinks into warrior madness. With humor, poesy and irony,
    Joachim Biehler calls for a return to feelings.
  • . Nicolas Demeersman

    Photographer, Film Maker and Publicist. Born in 1978 at Seclin, France
    Leaves and works in Paris
    The Work of Nicolas Demeersman, often debated, gathers pictures where col- lide the genres :
    the elegance and the trash, the seriousness and the absurd, the reality and the fiction ...
    Considering that it is as well important to please as to displease, he approaches contemporary subjects
    to deceive values, aprioris and visual codes. Beyond the esthetics, he stages «the agreed» pushed in
    its extreme, wishing to question us about our positions and their internal logic. 
  • . Yanne Kintgen
    "I'm in the middle.
    I'm not what I was
    and I am not yet what I will be.
    An interstice in temporal and physical suspension. "
    "The book of intranquility" by Fernando Pessoa
    "It is precisely this between two that interests me.
    This mental and physical state with impalpable outlines,
    a state of floating on the frontiers of reason, "from loss to grace",
    as Georges Bataille says, let us have the courage to imagine.
    If the crossing of concerns questions the state of affairs,
    it encourages us to welcome and stimulate our internal potential for change.
    It is after a moment of floating, that the metamorphosis operates.
    The assumed dizziness of our intranquility then becomes a promise.
    Videos and photos express the state of man in his precariousness.
    To not know where to be, to want to disappear,
    to repeat gestures without sense, are all visible manifestations.
    I am working on the process of metamorphosis,
    more precisely on this suspended time, just before the moulting.
    Yanne Kintgen
  • . Seyoung Kwon

    Was born in 1978 in South Korea works and lives in France since 2001

    Artist's approach:

    The artist's work has been strongly influenced by the works of Thomas Ruff

    and Andreas Gursky, as well as Bernd and Hilla BECHER, the founders of

    photographic typologies.

    The artist captures a moment of reality that we often forget in our

    daily life. However, this moment is not a common image that we

    we see. Sometimes geometric, sometimes perceived as enigmatic or mysterious.

    Of course, sometimes it looks beautiful or indifferent. The artist believes that this is the

    power of photographic art.

    Through this exhibition <It's Play time>, the artist has fun "playing soccer"

    in his own way among the images encountered so far. It doesn't matter if it's

    whether it is a football or not. The various appearances that one meets

    in everyday life remind the artist of soccer, and for this reason alone, the artist

    the artist takes pleasure in playing.

  • . Alexia Tailleur

    Artiste et photographe française née en 1983 à Orléans, Alexia Tailleur étudie la dorure à
    la feuille dans un monastère italien avant de réaliser son mémoire de recherche autour de la thématique des icônes. Elle vit et travaille aujourd’hui à Perpignan. 
  • . Polat Tayir (Fulati...
    Born in 1977, in Xianjing (China). He lives and works in Paris.
    PHD in visual arts (2017) Paris Sorbonne - ENSBA, in A. Pincas studio (2004).
    His work explores the idea of the integration of an individual in society and seeks a
    relationship between him and things, between his body and the landscape. His
    approach combines painting and photography: originally a simple painting on a cliché,
    the artist covers his hand with paint, on the spot; a performance that he immortalizes
    in the moment by a photograph. 
    From 2006, he undertook a series of photographs of his painted hand, as an extension
    or detour of the landscape. His hand is the central element, representing himself and his
    being, telling his story. The lines of his hand are in the landscape, merging and confronting
    it, like the slow process of integration of an individual into a new culture. In his latest series, 
    ​Polat integrates a glove, a tangible trace of the performance but above all a substitute for his body.